> How To Play Sand Art?

Sand Art Workshop is a really easy children’s art and craft activity – no specific artistic skills are needed! It means everyone can join in, and they are all proud of their creations.

Step by step guide to creative sand art fun!

  1. Peel - Use skewer to peel off top yellow paper, to reveal a sticky background.

  2. Pour - Pour coloured sand over sticky area.

  3. Tap - Tap off the excess sand into a tray.

  4. Perfect - Repeat the process until you have finished your picture!

Fun Tips:

  • Pour sand starting with the darkest colour! 
  • Glow-In-The-Dark sand: Don't forget to leave some areas for this fun part. Pour all at once in the end. 

Our coloured sand is non-toxic, child safe and uses certified organic colour pigment.

We have more than 20 colours of sand, which gives the children plenty of choices. An art and craft lovers dream! Play it at home, entertain your party guests or play it at events and markets. Our coloured sand is certified:

  • non-toxic

  • safe for children

  • uses organic colour pigment

  • conforms to International Safety Standard EN71 and ASTM D4236

Sand Art materials are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years, due to the risk of choking from small parts. However, it is still loved by children under 3, but you should make sure this is played with under very close parental supervision.

No two pictures are the same!

Although Sand Art Workshop is very easy there is still plenty of room for creativity for those who are into their arts and crafts. We actively encourage children to use their own ideas, colour tones and find that no two pictures are the same. Children can make different designs on the background or mix coloured sand together thus creating more individualised results.