Welcome to Sand Art Workshop. Whether you're looking to create your own easy and unique kid’s corner full of magical fun for little creative wizards or booking us in to set up the play stations at your next event; sand art is so magical and popular, great to keep little hands busy with bringing home keepsake perfect for any event no matter how big or small.

How To Play Sand Art?

1. PEEL: Use sand art skewer to peel off top yellow paper, to reveal a sticky background.

2. POUR: Pour coloured sand over the sticky area.

3. TAP: Tap off the excess sand into sand art tray.

Voila! Enjoy your masterpiece ;)

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We Service You

Sand Art Workshop provides fun and creative sand art play activities. It is perfect for all sorts of event inclusions and a flexible add-on service to your business. Play Together Kit or Individual Pre-Packed Kit to suit all your unique events every time, be it a launching event, open day, school holiday workshops, brand activation or even art & craft markets. 

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Celebrate, Party and Entertain with Sand Art Workshop.

Designed to be suitable for people of all abilities and appeals wonderfully to children with learning difficulties. The calm and repetitive nature of sand art, coupled with pre-cut, pre-glued sections means that anyone can be a great sand art artist.

Proudly designed in Melbourne, Australia from local and imported components.

Connect with us on @sandartworkshop for inspo, tips and how to play videos.